ElfMail Christmas Messenger
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ElfMail Christmas Messenger
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The Challenge

ElfMail is a magical mobile app used by Santa’s very own elves in the North pole to send messages to children all over the world!

ElfMail is an educational child’s app – we encourage children to type and spell to communicate with their Elf. Some of the bigger challenges of ElfMail are structuring a UX/UI that doesn’t spoil the secrets of Christmas, and still keeps the flow simple for parents and children.

We first released a beta of ElfMail on iOS in 2016, we had such a strong response that in 2017 we decided to bring ElfMail to both Android & iOS.

ElfMail works great as a digital companion to the popular Elf on The Shelf.

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ElfMail encourages reading in a fun new way

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The Solution

ElfMail is a design led project. When creating an app for children the UX and aesthetics need to be sharp and clear. We spent a lot of time refining the palette and art style to bring together a style that appeals to both parents and children. We worked hard to refine the flow between screens, and the relationship between the kids zone and parents zone.

A big challenge ElfMail faced was educating parents on how to use the app without spoiling the secret of Christmas for children. The approach we take is to prompt parents and children to setup the app together during the onboarding phase and to add an ‘Adult Zone’ pin code. Once in the Adult Zone we can educate the parents further, the App Store also requires any in app purchases take place behind a pin code or ‘Age Gate’.

The Results

ElfMail was a 2-month build, reaching over 5000 downloads on both Android and iOS in just 1 month. ElfMail became a day to day part of our users lives, with kids looking forward to messages from their Elves before bed and after school.

Its always exciting seeing how different families use ElfMail in different ways!

  • 30,000
    Elf Messages
  • 45,000
    Elf Chats

Wonderful app, my little boy loved waking up every day to hear from his elf, really got me through some trying times

Brilliant app, recommend to any parent who wants to bring a little magic to Christmas

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