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The Challenge

Glenveagh are a forward thinking developer, they build high quality homes in places people want to live at affordable prices.

Glenveagh approached us with a very clear initial mission in mind:

  1. We want to build a mobile first, customer website that drives high quality leads, allowing customers the best possible digital experience of our locations, house types and quality builds.
  2. Ultimately we want to deliver appointments to view our homes whilst presenting an great brand experience.
  3. We also want a focus on customer service. Our buyers should have access to information on their house / development progress.

It was clear to us that we had a complex challenge ahead of us, one of design and user behaviour as much as technology.

  • Mobile Optimised
  • Bespoke Design
  • A Full UX Research Flow
  • Catered CMS Experience
  • No Code Page Creation Experience

Present a great brand experience

The Solution

We knew that the right solution for this problem would be a multi-disciplinary approach, bringing together the best elements of User Experience, UI Design, Technology and most importantly Project Management.

Understanding the customer journey and aligning it alongside business goals was our first big challenge, how do we drive "high quality leads" but also deliver a great brand experience?

Well we started by conducting multiple user interviews with customers from Glenveagh's target segment. We wanted to really understand their motivations, their expectations and their pain points. Running these sessions is quite task in itself and needs to be managed scientifically. By creating scripts and runbooks we ensure that all interviewees are provided the same experience, so to keep the output data coherent and relevant.

The Results

The design process resulting in a beautifully tailored and bespoke experience, defined with the customer's needs and the businesses key objectives at heart. It answers customer questions and empowers them by providing rich development and property scenes alongside content hubs that squarely address their issues.

The technical implementation focused a lot on the content management system. We felt that empowering the content creators was one of the best ways to ensure that what customers needed to know and what the business wanted to say could be brought together and kept relevant.

We chose SanityCMS a headless CMS that allows for: realtime previewing, bespoke page creating and custom content creation. We tailored the Sanity solution to Glenveagh's needs focusing on Developments, Properties, Articles and most importantly Pages.

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