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The Challenge

iCabbi provide software to brick and mortar taxi dispatch companies, allowing them to manage their fleet in a new way. They provide a customer facing app similar to MyTaxi that lets customers engage with the dispatch companies in a quick and easy way.

Mawla have worked with iCabbi for over a year, adding new features and improvements to the client facing passenger app. Some notable features Mawla added are

  • Business Accounts
  • Promos
  • Google Places Search

We’ve worked on Android over the last year

iCabbi have over 100 customers, each with large customers bases of their own.

  • Bookings
  • Promotions
  • Business Accounts
  • Google Places
  • Test Coverage

Transforming the biggest Taxi Companies in the World

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The Solution

Our primary responsibility was the passenger app, we delivered several important features such as: Business Accounts and Promotional Codes.
Features like these are instrumental in bringing the passenger app in-line with apps like Uber and MyTaxi, customers have been very happy with these features.

In startups where you need to move fast its hard to keep everything up to date. A big part of our work with the passenger app was updating standards, writing tests and improving the overall code quality and reliability of the app.

The Results

We’ve shipped some big features with iCabbi, these features were blockers to moving forward on strategic goals. iCabbi are enabling the brick and mortar taxi dispatch companies to compete with global competitors, and they’re crushing it.

This is the fastest app and great dispatching quick way better than Uber!

The guys at Mawla have been instrumental in shipping some of our biggest features. They have provided us with great guidance, and been extremely reliable.

Vincent McCarthy | iCabbi
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