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Moment Health
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The Challenge

Moment Health is a suite of tools that support and educate mothers and new parents.

Mawla’s job was to mirror the functionality of the existing iOS app in a sparkly new Android app. We worked with the CTO over a 3-months process to bring MomentHealth’s Android app to market.

The app required a healthy amount of networking and backend integration work, as sensitive user information needed to be carefully stored and easily retrievable.

When approaching Healthquality and reliability are crucial traits.

  • Registration
  • User Profiles
  • Emotion Checkers
  • Local/Emergency Support

People in need can never be let down.

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The Solution

We approached this app with testability in mind. Applying MVP a cutting edge software architecture, to strictly minimise app crashes and to remove any irregularities from the users experience. We strictly QA and acceptance test every change, every piece of code that is checked in is statically analysed and regression tested.

Our attention to quality lets us stand back and let the app fulfil its purpose. The core wellbeing test is the medically approved Edinburgh Postnatal Depression Scale, a set of 10 questions that can help the user and their health professional get a better sense of their feelings.

The Results

After a 3-month process we shipped MomentHealth’s Android app to the store. Moment’s Android users had been waiting patiently for this release and Moment had over 1000 downloads in the first month.

  • 5000+
  • 3 Months
    Development Time

Excellent idea to support women through maternity. Clean simple lines and gives valuable connections for women.

The team at Mawla supported and guided us throughout the entire project, they were a delight to work with. I would recommend them to anyone.

Gav Rooney | CTO @ Moment Health
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